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The coffee lover. Frankie is a brand new baby drag queen still learning the basics and finding her way around a make up brush. She loves anything creative and believes if something is worth doing then it is worth doing to the best of your ability.  She’s always got a project on the go and already planning the next one, this queen likes to be productive with every moment she can. If it’s not writing or filming, it’s practicing make up, styling hair/wigs and learning new skills.

Frankie is a book lover and her collection is growing and growing. She has her own review show called ‘Reading is Fanndamental‘ which is a oneish minute review where she talks about books she has loved. Recently she teamed up with RPDRUK Fans to release exclusive, longer episodes of ‘Reading is Fundamental’ which are only available on and their social media sites.

Frankie is a huge Nintendo fan and enjoys retro consoles as much as current day gaming.  The Legend of Zelda is her favourite gaming franchise of all time and she cannot wait for the Breath of the Wild sequel to come out on the Switch.

Whatever it is you find her doing you can guarantee she will be listening to music whilst she does it.



Tea or coffee


Favourite film

I’m really not sure. Labyrinth is definitely a favourite as is the Little Mermaid. There’s too much to close from. I can’t.

Favourite book

Fiction -The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Non Fiction – This is a little tougher. Either The Diva Rules By Michelle Visage or Straight Jacket by Matthew Todd

Favourite podcast (besides Gritty Glitter obviously)

Race Chaser with Alaska and Willam

Favourite TV show

Either RuPaul’s Drag race or QIXL

Favourite item of clothing

Possibly my 80’s purple leather jacket

Favourite music artist/band

It’s such a gay cliche, but Britney Spears. I’ve been with her from the start and she’ll always be my one.

What’s your tipple?

Gin and Tonic. Slimline though, gotta watch that figure.  Or!  There’s a fantastic cocktail I love called Mezzo Meridian that I always have when I visit my favourite hotel in London. They make a good drink!

Sweet or Savoury

Sweet! Gimme all the chocolate!

Favourite Bowie song

So many!! Ashes to Ashes is one that I love though.

Favourite thing/ memory about your cohosts.

I think one of my most recent memories of both the girls was when we went to see Katya win Birmingham. We had such a blast! An evening full of laughs and love. Not one I will ever forget.


If you want to see or hear more from Frankie you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram by clicking the links below. Or check out her website





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