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The tea lover. Cass (or Caz as Frankie likes to call her) is a self confessed glitter and sparkle lover. If it’s not covered in glitter then she doesn’t want to know ,unless it’s Jason Momoa of course. It is from her the the word glitter worked it’s way into the podcast title. She’s addicted to buying makeup which is a good thing because she loves getting dolled up and taking a selfie or two.

Cass is a bit of a tattoo addict, regularly having new beautiful images added to her body. One of her favourite pieces is her Star Wars Tattoo. Within the last year Cass has become a huge Star Wars fan and is obsessed with Kylo Ren.

Not only is Cass a glamorous and social girl, she is a mum to five children. They keep her super busy with after schools clubs, cooking, cleaning, entertaining them and all the things you have to do when you’re a single mum, but mostly she’s their taxi driver. She’s a cool mum and takes her kids to cons around the county, yet she still manages to find a little bit of time to record the podcast and some pamper time. A girl’s gotta have good nails, right? Oh, and skulls. Skulls and skeletons are her thing too. She bloody loves them.



Tea or coffee


Favourite film

I can’t choose a favourite! Rocky Horror, Rock of Ages, Shutter Island, Rise of Skywalker are all equal

Favourite book

Hmmm… An Evil Mind by Chris Carter

Favourite podcast (besides Gritty Glitter obviously)

Last Podcast on the Left

Favourite TV show

Maybe Game of Thrones

Favourite item of clothing

Kimono. Bloody love them

Favourite music artist/band

My taste is eclectic, but I’m a rock chick at heart. Give me some Steel panther, Guns n’ Roses, Buckcherry.

What’s your tipple?

Cocktail. My usual is probably a Zombie or a Daiquiri

Sweet or Savoury

Depends on my mood. Probably savoury

Favourite Bowie song

China Girl, obvs

Favourite thing/ memory about your cohosts.

Alex – Night out in Birmingham

Frankie – Steel Panther gig. Nuff said


If you want to see or hear more from Cass you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram by clicking the links below.








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