Alex Gritty Glitter


The green tea lover. Alex has a finger in so many creative pies that pretty soon she’ll be sticking her toes in as well. If she’s not painting, crocheting or practising the ukulele, she’ll be making soup out of produce from her allotment or trying to suss out how to bake the perfect baguette. On the rare occasion she leaves the house voluntarily it’s likely to be in order to attend either a gig or a car boot sale.

Alex picked up her green tea addiction from her family members living in Japan, whom she tries to visit every few years by saving up her wages from her job as a bookseller. She’s doing her best to improve her Japanese and is making progress… very…very… slowly 

It’s a running joke among Alex’s mates that she’s an OAP stuck in a twenty-something’s body. This might have something to do with her complete technological ineptitude, fondness for a mug of ovaltine before bed, compulsive need to force-feed people baked goods and ongoing insistence that sending type-written letters is ‘still something normal people do’. She doesn’t mind though, as long as you speak up love – and don’t touch the bloody thermostat!




Tea or coffee


Favourite film

The Blues Brothers

Favourite book

How could you ask me this you monster… Borges’ Labyrinths I guess

Favourite podcast (besides Gritty Glitter obviously)

What’s a podcast, mate?

Favourite TV show

Red Dwarf or Crystal Maze

Favourite item of clothing

Vintage Jeffrey West shoes

Favourite music artist/band

Uhhh… I can’t even do my eight Desert Island Discs… I’ll go with the Durutti Column

What’s your tipple?

Pint!  Or an Amaretto Sour if I’m feeling fancy ( or wearing a non-stretch garment)

Sweet or savoury

Savoury all day every day –  I can hear a bag of crisps being opened at 40 paces

Favourite Bowie song

Stop asking impossible questions!! Station to Station or Life on Mars


Favourite memory about your cohosts.

Frankie –  Brighton Pride 2019 or Champagne on the roof

Cass – The night we saw Katya Zamo in Birmingham.


Good luck trying to follow Alex on social media. She has an Instagram page set up but she doesn’t even know the log in details.


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