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Welcome to Gritty Glitter, the podcast about anything from geek to glam! Gritty because our hosts love to discuss a subject down to the nitty-gritty, and glitter because who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle! And who are your hosts? They are Alex, Cass, and Frankie. Three loony characters here to entertain you with with their adventures. Cass and Frankie have been part of each other lives since day one which means they have a lifetime of stories together to share with listeners of the Gritty Glitter podcast. Lucky listeners! And Alex has known the girls for a couple of years, the chemistry between the three is insane so it made sense to bring her on board as a host.

Launched in 2017 Gritty Glitter ran for 26 episodes. All of our hosts for different reasons needed to take a break which meant the show was temporarily put aside. The old Gritty Glitter with every single episode has been put in the vault and is over. A new Gritty Glitter is here! A even sparklier version with new content and some new hosts.

In each episode our hosts talk, laugh and fumble their way through a subject they wish to discuss, probably drinking gin as they do it. Tv shows, food, video games, events, and even the odd bit of sex talk thrown in too, no subject is off limits! Towards the end of every episode, when the chatting has finished, Frankie likes to play a round of a little game she’s named QF.

QF stands for Quite Funny, named so because it is usually quite funny to listen to. It is a quiz which is at the end of every episode of Gritty Glitter. Frankie asks  10 questions on a subject they have just discussed in that episode and the cohost or guest needs to answer them. If  7 or more are answered correctly then Frankie loses. If less than 7 are answered correctly then Frankie wins. The Loser has a rather embarrassing photo of them posted on the Gritty Glitter Twitter account, @Glitter_pod . The photo is uploaded the Friday after the episode is released.

Be warned, there is explicit content and swearing throughout the episodes, so if that’s not your cup of tea (or coffee), you’re probably better off finding something else to listen to. No tea, no shade.

Brand new Gritty Glitter episodes will be coming soon so make sure you follow us on our social media to see when the episodes launch.

Learn more about our hosts by clicking on their picture below.


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